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"In every BI deposition and trial, you will want this battle-tested power checklist for questioning the plaintiff regarding his/her bodily injuries."

Plaintiff's Bodily Injuries Deposition or Trial Testimony Checklist is a unique 16 page question outline form, for either plaintiff's counsel or defense attorney.

You'll save yourself 66% of the time preparing questions to ask the plaintiff regarding his/her body injuries and the sequelae. Whether you are plaintiff's counsel at trial or defendant's attorney taking a deposition of the plaintiff, you grab the checklist and are ready to roll. It gives you a real power tool for the injuries portion of the testimony of a plaintiff.

Whether asking the adverse plaintiff questions at a deposition or preparing your own client plaintiff or his/her deposition or trial testimony, you drill down a comprehensive checklist. (See five page sample of deposition questions here.) Point by point, you target the information you want.

The unique checklist is built to be an "add-on" block to other deposition or trial testimony checklists. When you come to the point where you want to ask the plaintiff or other witness questions about the plaintiff's injuries, switch over to this Plaintiff's BI Checklist You'll know you have covered the subject of the personal injuries, in as much, or as little, detail as you want.

Defense attorneys will use this form every time they depose a plaintiff who has suffered an injury to their body. It is a bullet proof way of preventing an omission. (There are few things worse than getting back to the office after a deposition and suddenly remembering "I should have asked about...."). All you need to do is add this injuries "building block" to your deposition outline regarding the liability features of the case.

Plaintiff attorneys use the Plaintiff's Bodily Injuries Deposition or Trial Testimony Checklist as a powerful checklist to prepare their plaintiff to testify at a deposition. Later on, it's counsel's important checklist at trial to fully develop the trial testimony of plaintiff about his/her personal injuries.

After you use this form you will say it is saving you hundreds of dollars of time during the year, while making you look good at the deposition of personal injury plaintiffs. You can own Plaintiff's BI Depo or Trial Checklist for the price of only $38.

The copyrighted Plaintiff's BI Checklist form sold by LawyerTrialForms™ is the best one we have seen on the subject. It is unique and powerful!

We have used the word "unique" three times so far on this page. The Plaintiff's BI Checklist is copyrighted. We don't know of anything else this good. Frankly, we charge more for these 16 pages than for any other checklist item we sell. It's worth it. You are paying for something that is unique and top-of-the-line. You are getting our author's trial experience, judgment, and ability wrapped into this 16 pages of question outline checklist.

Yet - this Plaintiff's Bodily Injuries Deposition or Trial Testimony Checklist is much less than you would spend in time and money even to simply dictate and have typed these 16 pages. (This form is less than $2.40 a page!) Plaintiff's Bodily Injuries Deposition or Trial Testimony Checklist is so inexpensive that if it saves you one-half hour of time ---- ever ---- it would have paid for itself. But where you will really praise yourself for using this form is the second time you put it in your trial notebook and know, from your own use the first time, that you have all the checklist items you need for at least 95% or more of the questions to ask. That knowledge is the start of a feeling of real power in depositions. Just add the few questions any peculiarity of your case calls for, and you are off to the deposition or trial with no more preparation time regarding the body injuries testimony.

You'll save yourself 66% of the time preparing what to ask the plaintiff regarding his/her injures. That is true whether you are plaintiff's counsel at trial or defendant's attorney at a deposition of the plaintiff.

I know the first time you use this form you will realize that the next personal injury deposition you will want this form in your briefcase, and declare yourself delighted with your decision to purchase. The second time you use this form you will be wedded to it for life.

This deposition checklist BI006 — Injuries Deposition of Bodily Injury Plaintiff — is a basic "building block" in your deposition preparation. Use this checklist over and over again, in all your bodily injury cases. Whether it is a motor vehicle accident, a slip and fall, a products liability case — whatever the kind of bodily injury case it is, you can use this checklist as a unit of your deposition planning.

Three big points:

  • The Plaintiff's BI Checklist will make you better organized, in half the time you otherwise would spend in preparing to ask the plaintiff or the spouse about the bodily injuries of the plaintiff. In fact BI attorneys will find they are saving 70, 80, even 90% of the preparation time for questions on the injuries.
  • The Plaintiff's BI Checklist will give you the confidence of knowing that an expert personal injury trial attorney has coached you on items to include, so you are not forgetting critical items.
  • The Plaintiff's BI Checklist is a low investment with a high value return.

After you use this form twice, you will say it is worth $60, $80, or even $120 for what it does for you. Yet, you can own the 16 page Plaintiff's BI Checklist for the price of only $38.

Leonard Bucklin

Dear Fellow Attorney,

While practicing for the last 35 years, in a successful five state litigation practice, I developed and refined a Plaintiff's Bodily Injuries Deposition or Trial Testimony Checklist that I could "grab and go" to bodily injury depositions and trials in five minutes. The Plaintiff's BI Checklist is battle-proven, saved me lots of time, and made me more effective for my clients.

Most attorneys have no real system of developed forms. They waste time preparing for depositions and trials. And, without a developed question checklist form, they miss including issues and questions they should ask.

But that doesn't have to be you.

My Plaintiff's BI Checklist is a mentor in a box, it's 16 pages coaching you on the points you should consider.

Here is another bonus use of the Plaintiff's BI Checklist. You can hand this form to your legal assistant. He/she will know what to ask for and prepare on the bodily injury aspects of the case. You save valuable time teaching new staff what information you want to know about and what they can help you gather. For example, they will see from the checklist that you want to know the plaintiff's military medical history. This form covers the bases you want to know about.,?

Here's more great news. Upon ordering, you'll get instant access to your Plaintiff's BI Checklist. You can get started in just minutes! We deliver Plaintiff's BI Checklist to you right now, in PDF format for you to open and copy and use on your computer immediately!

If Plaintiff's BI Checklist saves you a half-hour of time - ever - it will have paid for itself. But you will be saving time on every BI case in your office - case after case.

All The Best,

Leonard Bucklin, Civil Trial Attorney

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