HIPPA Medical Release Forms

HIPAA Compliant Medical Release Forms

Do you a proper release and do you know what the release actually authorizes?

Medical authorizations must comply with federal HIPAA regulations. Our Medical Release Report and Forms gives you:

  • A form for plaintiff client to sign to authorize his/her attorney to get medical records;
  • A (more limited) form to authorize a medical provider to disclose records to the defense attorney;
  • An "expand or contract the amount of records" form for either plaintiff' or defendant attorney to use; and
  • A form to specially authorize disclosure of psychotherapy notes or other items that federal or state law require be separately requested.

The forms of medical releases included in Medical Release Report and Forms are thought out in detail. For example: the form for you to use with your own client contains the language "I hereby authorize MY ATTORNEYS to speak to my healthcare professionals privately or to take testimony at deposition or trial as may be requested." In contrast our form for your client to sign for the adverse attorney to use contains the language "...ADVERSE ATTORNEYS are NOT authorized to speak about my health care, physical condition, or mental condition, to you or to any of my healthcare professionals privately without myself or my attorney being present.

You need an authorization that complies with HIPAA regulations to get medical records released to you. These four medical authorization/release forms will be used by to obtain medical records in every one of your bodily injury cases.

More than simply forms, the 17 pages of this document include a law summary and proven tips and tactics. For example, Medical Release Report and Forms tells you about the federal law that gives patients the rights to: (1) see and obtain copies of their medical records4 and (2) request corrections if they identify errors and mistakes. Medical Release Report and Forms gives you a check-the-box checklist so you can easily spot if the seven elements HIPAA requires exist.

HIPPA Medical Release Forms

Do you know that under federal HIPAA regulations in a response to a general request for "all" medical records a medical provider cannot even disclose to you that psychotherapy notes exist! Psychotherapy notes must be specifically and separately requested. One form in Medical Release Report and Forms this document is used to make the necessary separate request for those records.

HIPAA impacts ex-parte interviews of patients' doctors by defense attorneys. Even when state law says a lawsuit waives medical privilege — HIPAA does not waive the federal prohibitions directed to the health care provider about disclosing medical information. Did you know that? Medical Release Report and Forms is full of tips and tactics.

Medical Release Report and Forms is a versatile document. You get:

  • Medical authorization-release forms that comply with HIPAA.
  • Law, tips and tactics that will prevent mistakes and give you an edge.
  • Time. For a price less than 15 minutes of your time, you get four medical releases that would take you more a couple of hours to dictate and produce yourself. Medical Release Report and Forms is a real bargain.
  • Confidence. You know what to do, and what to say, to get it done.

We are selling the 17 pages, single spaced - Medical Release Report and Forms for only $28.90. You cannot research the needed law to design the form and dictate your own forms that cheaply.

These forms pay for themselves in time saved alone, without even considering the pages of information and tips you get in this document. Use the "Buy Now" button to get Medical Release Report and Forms!

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