Expert witness forms for deposition & trial


Expert Witness Deposition Checklists, Forms, and Trial Tactics. Text, outlines and legal forms that involve the use of experts in litigation

Experts, and the checklists and legal forms to handle experts well, are important in depositions, settlements, and trials. Excellent trial lawyers handle experts better than the run-of-the mill attorneys can do. If you have an expert witness in your case, here are checklists and forms to keep you doing better than your opposition. This is our group of forms we call --- ExpertEase™!

The ExpertEase™ section of legal forms does not involve the handling of medical personnel or the testimony medical experts. Tips, forms, outlines, and checklists for testimony of medical experts are located here

EX0804 Deposition Cross-Exam of Expert Witness

Why and what to ask. A law summary report plus a general outline checklist that gets you started on most non-medical expert depositions.

EX0709 Expert Witness Opinion Admissibility Checklist

Law summary report plus checklist from for your trial notebook.

EX0802 The "Ten Categories Cross" (of an expert)

Free! This one page form is designed to be placed in your trial notebook, ready for those times when you need to build a cross-examination quickly during a deposition or trial.

EX0805 Requesting Files of Adverse Expert

You know you need a bulletproof, inclusive, "they can't evade this", demand for those files and other items you need from that adverse expert.

EX0807 Subpoena Duces Tecum to Adverse Expert Witness

Rule 26 and 45 combine to give you power, if you use the paragraphs of the Advanced Subpoena Duces Tecum.

EXDEP4008 Instructions to Expert Witness for Video Deposition

Applicable when the expert's deposition is videoed.

EX0706 Request to your Expert re Report

Send to your expert before he/she writes a report. A disclosable communication in some jurisdictions, but it's crafted to help, not hurt you, before a jury.

EX0303 Court Order re Experts - To Protect You!

Law summary report plus a form order to submit to the court.

EX03 Ultimate Issue Expert Questions

Free! Prepare your expert witness to answer three ultimate questions in most negligence cases.

This ExpertEase™ section of the products of LawyerTrialForms™ involves (1) expert witness question checklists and advice to give experts, for lawyers to use in preparation of their expert witnesses for direct or cross-examination in depositions and trials, and (2) advice and materials regarding admissibility of the expert's opinion into evidence, and (3) form questions outlines that can be used by attorneys as their checklists of questions to ask experts. Our ExpertEase™ legal forms, tips and tactics articles, deposition and trial questions outlines, motions and checklists zero in not only on the expert issues in examination of experts, but also on the items you need to convince the judge or jury.

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