Plaintiff Attorney's Direct Examination of Plaintiff's Treating Doctor

Deposition and Trial Questions Checklist Form: Plaintiff Attorney's Direct Examination of Plaintiff's Treating Doctor

This 16 page report and legal testimony checklist form will be used over and over again, in all your plaintiff's bodily injury cases, not only in depositions, but also in trials

Built on principles of persuasion, including the order of presentation of the individual questions, this legal checklist set of deposition questions or trial questions is effective in presenting the plaintiff's bodily injuries through the words of the medical doctor. This is a thoughtful checklist of items that you want to cover if you want the defense or jury to know "how bad it is". The Plaintiff's Direct Examination of Medical Doctor will be your constant friend in planning the direct examination of the plaintiff's treating doctors.

Here is what Plaintiff's Direct Examination of Medical Doctor will do for you:

  • Organizes your deposition or trial questions, from opening to closing.
  • Saves you time in preparing your deposition outline.
  • Helps you think through and plan all the various aspects of your medical battleground, so you are sure to hit every important point.
  • Provides you with a time-tested order of questions for best results to raise the value of the personal injury damages in the case.
  • Gives you a low-cost way to put together your deposition outline questions.
  • Shows you are organized, which keeps the respect of the opposing counsel. (Do you know how important that is in settlement negotiations?)

This form is designed solely for plaintiff's attorneys. The checklist form built solely for defense counsel to use in direct examination of the defense doctor is available on another page.

If you do not know the reasons why attorneys need a checklist for preparing, and taking, the direct examination of their own medical witnesses, there are two free articles for you to read.

  1. Why plaintiffs should take a deposition of their own doctor (it's not primarily to preserve testimony; it's to make the settlement value rise)
  2. The value of checklist forms in depositions. Don't make mistakes you can avoid.

You can own the 16 page advice report and checklist - Plaintiff's Direct Examination of Medical Doctor - for the low price of just $32. (That's much less than the attorney time and secretarial cost of dictating a 16 page form yourself.)

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