Read these questions and answers before using the "Contact Us" button at the bottom of the page.

Q. How do I receive the eBook or legal form if I purchase it?

A. When you purchase, as soon as the PayPal computers process the credit card number as valid, the order page you are viewing automatically redirects into a page with a link which you click, to immediately download the purchase into your computer as a PDF file.

Q. You did not send me the file yet!

A. See the first Q & A, above. Most likely, in the perhaps 10 to 60 seconds before your credit card was approved, you decided to move on to work on something else (or your computer otherwise left the purchase process page), before you were automatically directed to the download link page. You can use the contact form at the end of this web page to request your purchase be emailed to you the next business day, as a PDF attachment.

Q. I need the form in the next five minutes! I can't wait for you to read my "contact form" the next business day.

(OK, I read the above two Q & A's. I understand that I automatically get a link to download the form right at the end of the purchase process -- unless I leave the purchase process before it was complete (thus, before my browser automatically opens the new window with a link to download my form).

A. If you are really rushed, order the form again, and this time wait - please wait - until you are automatically directed to the download link to click. Then use our contact form to tell us to refund the purchase price on your first click-order. (Remember, we have a "no questions" 100% refund policy.) That way you'll get your copy of the form even before we check our email!

Q. I'm having problems downloading the file.

A. Extremely unlikely, but twice in ten years we had occasions where a peculiar configuration of a law firm's network security system blocked downloads from the internet. If that happens, we can email the eBook or form to you as a PDF attachment. Use our contact form to request that.

Q. How do I open and read the eBook or form I just purchased?

A. After you download it into your computer, click on it; that's all you need to do. All our eBooks and forms are in PDF format. That means all you need to read them is one of the latest three versions of Adobe Acrobat Reader. (The Adobe Reader is free, and 99.9% of lawyers doing any litigation have it already!) On most computers, all you do is click on the file where you downloaded it in your computer. Adobe Acrobat Reader automatically opens the eBook or form for you. If the Reader does not open automatically, click to manually open your Adobe Acrobat Reader program, click the toolbar on >File > Open, and browse to find where you saved the file you downloaded from us. Click on it, that's all you need to do.

If you do not have the Adobe PDF reader, Download it for free here.

Q. Do your eBook and forms work on both Mac's and pc's?

A. Yes, all of our LawyerTrialForms™ products are in Portable Document Format (PDF).

Q. Can I print the eBook and forms I just purchased?

A. Yes, we have no printing restrictions built into our eBook and forms files. Print it out for your own use. But respect our copyright, and do not distribute the eBook and forms to others.

Q. Can I make a Word or WordPerfect copy of the PDF I receive?

A. Yes. Copy, cut and paste into briefs and office forms to your heart's content. Notice that we give you a Limited License (read the full Limited License) that encourages efficient law officer operation. The product you purchased from us in electronic form not only may be used on your office, and laptop or other secondary computer, but also on the computers of the secretary and of the legal assistant of the principal user. "Making Good Lawyers Better" -- that's our mission statement.

Many programs allow you to convert a PDF into MS Word. Recent full versions of Adobe Acrobat allow you to "Save As" your PDF as a MS Word document, so you have a complete copy in Word (except for graphics). If you file documents in one of the many courts that require you to file everything in PDF, you almost certainly have a conversion program in your computer that can convert items to and from PDF and Word.

Better yet --- Later versions of Word™ and WordPerfect™ allow you to open a PDF file directly into their word processor program. Now what could be better than that for a busy lawyer!

If you do not have a later version of Word or WordPerfect, or simply want to copy a portion of the PDF into your word processor --- we make it easy for you by delivering an "unlocked" PDF. You can copy pages of the PDF and paste them into your word processor -- in a number of ways. (Our products are copyrighted, but your license allows you to copy it onto the computers of yourself, plus your secretary and legal assistant.) E.g., use the Select Tool of Adobe Reader to copy and paste.

Q. How do I use the Adobe Acrobat Reader to select some text and copy it to a word processor document?

A. Choose the Text Select Tool on the Reader's tool bar, and do one of the following:

To select a line of text, select the first letter of the sentence or phrase and drag to the last letter.

To select all the text on a page, click the right mouse button and choose Select All.

Once the text is selected, click the right mouse button and choose Copy.

Note: To select text on more than one page of a multi-page Acrobat© document, you must have set the Adobe Acrobat Reader for the page layout viewing to be either Continuous or Continuous - Facing!

To set the page layout, click in the menu bar for the reader on View >Page Layout and set the page layout view to either Continuous or Continuous - Facing. (In some configurations of the Reader, alternatively you can click a Continuous or Continuous-Facing button in the status bar at the bottom of the window.)

Once you have selected the text and used "Copy,", then open another application, such as Word or WordPerfect. Use the right mouse button to Paste the copied text into your application.

Q. What is your guarantee?

A. The best! Read "The Best Guarantee in the Law Forms Business". Money back without questions in the 60 days after a purchase. Just ask by using the "contact form" link at the bottom of this page.

Q. Where do I find all the legal stuff, like your Purchaser's Agreement, Disclaimers, Warranties, Intellectual Property Claims, and Copyright Information?

A. Here's the link.

Q. Where is LawyerTrialForms™ physically located?

A. In sunny Arizona, at LawyerTrialForms, 8063 S. Michele Ln., Tempe, AZ 85284, a suburb of Phoenix, the 5th largest city in the country, with direct air connections to most of the states of the Union!

Q. My question is not covered here. Where do I make any request.

A. The most efficient and fastest way to reach us is by our contact form. We usually respond the same or next day if you contact us during our normal business hours.

We take security, law enforcement, and evil robots seriously. We may record backtracking information to determine if your message actually originates from an IP address that matches services providers in your area of service. We actively work with law enforcement.

100% Satifisfaction Guarentee

Our "100% money back, No Questions Asked, Guarantee."

If you don't totally agree that the book with all its forms is worth every penny, simply tell us within 60 days to refund your money. You keep our book; we refund your money. What could be better!
Read our guarantee here!

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