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Battle-Quick Exhibit Foundations: the best exhibits foundations – ready for quick use in your deposition and trial

Evidence exhibit foundation checklists and law summaries — for your deposition or trial notebook — whether you carry your notebook as paper or in a laptop computer.

Designed for use on the eve of a deposition or a trial, and also to be carried to depositions and trials, Battle-Quick Exhibit Foundations provides what you need 99% of the time for quick and specific action.

Battle-Quick Exhibit Foundations is a concise discussion, in alphabetical order, of common types of exhibits, with a bulleted list of the points needed to establish the foundation.

Battle-Quick Exhibit Foundations gives you:

  • Savings of time and effort. Battle-Quick Exhibit Foundations minimizes your preparation time before depositions and trials.
  • The right questions to ask. Battle-Quick Exhibit Foundations empowers you to ask the witness the foundational questions you need answered, or to object if your adversary misses foundational points for an exhibit.
  • A no-nonsense, bulleted, list of the foundational points for each of the usual exhibit types. This is a compact list, intended to be inserted in your trial notebook, and read quickly. Deliberately, this compact list targets only the range of exhibit types normally encountered in a trial.
  • General discussion / law/ theory. If you encounter exotic exhibit types, or want a refresher of evidence law, this form includes legal theory you learned in law school, so you can navigate your way in all exhibit foundation arguments. Plus, special discussion is given regarding electronically stored information (ESI), to help you understand the additional foundation you need for ESI.

View two samples from this form here.

Three big points:

  • Battle-Quick Exhibit Foundations will make you better organized than you ever have been in deciding what you need for an exhibit’s foundation and being ready to present it.
  • Battle-Quick Exhibit Foundations will give you the confidence of knowing that an expert trial attorney has coached you on the foundations you need to present in trials, time and time again, and how to rebut the foundation objections that the adverse attorneys are going to make.
  • Battle-Quick Exhibit Foundations is a very low investment with a high value return.

Over the years, this Battle-Quick Exhibit Foundations checklist will save you hours of deposition and trial preparation time. Don’t waste time plowing around in huge evidence textbooks, when you have Battle-Quick Exhibit Foundations.

Importantly, Battle-Quick Exhibit Foundations both wins objections at trial and also prevents botched foundation testimony during evidence depositions. If this checklist prevents one error of omission by you, it will have paid for itself many times over.

Here is more great news — At the completion of your order you will receive an email confirmation with a link to download Battle-Quick Exhibit Foundations in PDF format right to your computer, immediately. If, right now, you are getting ready for a deposition where you will want to include an exhibit foundation, or you are getting ready for trial tomorrow, buy Battle-Quick Exhibit Foundations and put it in your notebook five minutes from now.

The fact is, just the FEELING of being prepared you must be worth $28.00. Consider your small investment a little “emotional insurance policy”.

All The Best,
Leonard H. Bucklin
Leonard Bucklin, Civil Trial Attorney


SKU: TRIAL5212 Category: