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Liquor liability cases and liquor liability laws involve special topics. Outlining your expected depositions of the intoxicated person and those furnishing the alcoholic beverage involves special groups of questions!

Our deposition outline questions, checklists and legal forms, regarding dram shop and other alcoholic-beverage-involved-torts, are weapons that concentrate the firepower of your questions.

Liquor Liability Deposition Questions Suite is 48 pages long, and has within it four separate deposition outlines. There are question outlines for

  • the dram shop owner or alcoholic beverage provider,
  • the allegedly intoxicated person,
  • an investigating police officer, and
  • a non-party witness to drinking.

The Liquor Liability suite of deposition questions, checklists, and legal forms is for use in cases involving the sale or other delivery of liquor in any occurrence that causes a intoxicated person to have an accident, whether it be an MVA (motor vehicle accident) (car , truck or pedestrian), slip and fall, or product liability case. The Liquor Liability Deposition Questions Suite is aimed at liquor law, dram shop, and alcoholic beverage involvement in tort accident injuries of all types.

“The LL Suite is very helpful. It provided me with some great insights and tactical ideas. I’m glad I purchased it. I look forward to purchasing more products from your catalogue.”H. Green, Illinois.

“Great forms!!!! Tons of great questions and topic areas!!!!”R. Greene, Texas.

Be better prepared — and quicker — than you ever have been for a deposition in a case involving injury caused by a person under the influence of intoxicating liquor! A “check the box” approach to preparing your attorney questions to ask the intoxicated person, the provider of the alcoholic beverage, the police officer, and the non-party witnesses as well!

Liquor Liability Deposition Questions Suite contains dram shop alcoholic beverage service questions and alcohol impairment foundation and non-party deposition questions and outline checklists and advice that seasoned litigation lawyers develop only after a dozen dram shop cases. In fact, the LawyerTrialForms™ copyrighted Liquor Liability Deposition Questions Suite is so powerful, even experienced attorneys save time by using it, and even experienced attorneys save worry that they have missed an area of questions.

Three big points:

  • Liquor Liability Deposition Questions Suite of 48 pages will make you better organized than you ever have been, in less time.
  • Liquor Liability Deposition Questions Suite of 48 pages will give you the confidence of knowing that an expert trial attorney has coached you on items to include, so you are not forgetting vital areas of questions.
  • Liquor Liability Deposition Questions Suite of 48 pages is a very low investment with a high value return.

This proven system is guaranteed to organize your deposition in less time, with more efficiency. And, you’ll be so prepared for your deposition questions, you can focus on the other aspects in developing the case.

This Liquor Liability Deposition Questions Suite deposition organizer relieves you of a large chunk of deposition preparation time. And this item is easy and inexpensive to buy.

Not only will you get a great deposition testimony preparation tool, saving you lots of time over the year ahead, you’ll get it for the special pricing of only $69.90. (That’s less than $1.50 a page. That’s cheaper than you can even type an outline in your own office! That’s a time-saving, money-saving value.)

Better yet, if you are a lawyer or a legal assistant, this suite of forms will save you 60% or even 85% of the time it normally takes you to get your deposition questions ready regarding the portions of the deposition that will deal with the furnishing of alcoholic beverages or the drinking of intoxicating liquor by a person who has injured himself or others.

The fact is, you will consider your small investment a little “emotional insurance policy” for yourself. You won’t be leaving the deposition without covering vital areas. You’ll leave feeling good!

All The Best,
Leonard H. Bucklin
Leonard Bucklin, Civil Trial Attorney

P.S. Liquor Liability Deposition Questions Suite is a lawyer mentor in a box — guiding you and preventing common mistakes made by by attorneys and their witnesses. Assure that both you and also your witness in a liability lawsuit have thought about the items to be asked at deposition or trial. Leave a deposition you have taken of an adverse witness knowing that you did not forget to ask questions on the subjects that needed discovery. This peace of mind is the most important reason for using a form in preparing for a deposition in cases involving drinking of alcoholic beverages, by either party.

These deposition question outline checklist forms are not just for DUI motor vehicle civil litigation anymore! These pattern deposition questions outlines have so much material from which to choose that they are applicable to any litigation involving the drinking of alcoholic beverages, whether it be a drinking driver, a slip and fall by a customer who came in with a beer in hand, or the operation of factory equipment by an impaired person.


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