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Bodily Injury Forms For Litigation Attorneys

This page lists a few of our legal forms which are particularly helpful in cases involving personal injury to the body of someone, no matter in what kind of accident.

From Motor Vehicle Accidents to Premises Fall Downs to Product Liability — if there is a bodily injury, this is the place for you to start exploring for forms.

There are a number of legal forms that apply to the injuries themselves, not to the cause of the bodily injuries. We call those our suite of personal injury litigation forms.

Defense attorneys in a motor vehicle, premises liability, or product defect case — in any type of tort BI case — want:

BI3106 Plaintiff’s Bodily Injury Deposition or Testimony Checklist

The primary form in the BI suite, allows you to prepare the questions to ask the injured plaintiff about his/her injuries — in less than half the time. It is a complete checklist for the bodily injuries portions of your questions outline for the deposition of an injured person in any type of tort personal injury case.Read more »

BI3005 Defense Demand for Bodily Injury Damages Disclosure

This is an aggressive, but polite letter in tone, that moves the defense ahead in the pace of the case. Read more »

BI005 Spouse’s Bodily Injury Deposition or Testimony Checklist

This is a separate checklist for deposition testimony of a spouse. It’s designed to be used by plaintiff’s counsel in personal injury litigation. But defense attorney for insurers tell us they also use this form, for taking the deposition of the spouse. Read more »

Plaintiff’s attorneys want the Plaintiff’s Bodily Injury Deposition or Testimony Checklist and the Spouse’s Bodily Injury or Trial Checklist, but for two different reasons than the defense wants those forms. As the lawyer for the injured person you will use these checklists to prepare your personal injury lawsuit client, and the spouse, for their depositions by the defense. And you will use these as your guides and outlines for asking them at trial, to get the best direct testimony about the injuries into evidence.

If you are a plaintiff’s attorney, there are more forms in our suite of bodily injury forms that are built for you than for defense attorneys. (Don’t get us wrong, defense attorneys are about half our customers.) Basically, there are more plaintiff-side bodily injury forms because the plaintiff’s counsel has a broader range of activities to accomplish before trial. For example, the defense does not need a handout to give an injured client before a defense medical exam (IME).

Below are brief descriptions and entry links to only some of the other legal forms or checklists that involve bodily injuries.

BI3009 The IME Stipulation

A “must have” for a BI plaintiff lawyer’s practice, a form that you can use to gain a quick written agreement to your benefit for the physical examination of the plaintiff. Read more »

BI3010 Client Handout for IME

This is what you need when defense counsel demands a medical exam of your client. Give your client great advice by means of our Client Handout for IME. Read more »

BI002 Plaintiff’s Request for Admissions Re Medical Expenses

A plaintiff’s busy law office can use this form in the first 60 days after the defendant has answered, to prove up medical expenses and eliminate worry just before the trial about foundations for admission. Read more »

BI3006 Bodily Injury Client Checklist

A compact one page form with three vital parts which you can hand to your client if you are a plaintiff’s attorney. Read more »

BI3021 Bodily Injury Claimant Take-Home Form

Four single spaced pages of items you should ask your plaintiff client to bring you, plus some standard advice you do not want to forget to give your client. Read more »

In addition, at the Medical Testimony and Medical Discovery portion of our catalog, we have a whole group of deposition checklists targeted on deposition and trial testimony of medical doctors and medical personnel.

The following related forms may also be of interest to you:

SET017 Letter of Protection – Bodily Injury Case – Plaintiff to Doctor

In today’s world of lien-savvy doctors and hospitals, plaintiff’s BI attorneys always need this form letter. Read more »

SET018 Plaintiff’s Request to Medical Providers for Amount of Medical Bill

Use before giving final settlement advice. Read more »

BI4613 HIPAA Subpoena Process Report

You need to know, and take, the proper steps, with the proper paperwork, served with all HIPAA compliant steps, before a medical witness will testify. Read more »

BI4617 HIPPA Medical Release Forms

Medical Release Report and Forms is a versatile document full of tips and tactics, and authorization-release forms that comply with HIPAA. Read more »

BI4632 Form Authorizations for Employment / Education Info

These authorization forms speed you on your way to educational and employment information
about a party (your client or theirs). Read more »

BI4706 Testimony Checklist: Parent – Wrongful Death

Damages questions outline checklist for questioning the parent in wrongful death case. Read more »

Leonard H. BucklinFor the first five years doing defense work, I never could understand why most plaintiff’s attorneys never had their client spend much time on the witness stand telling the real details of the injury that mean so much to the jury. When I started doing more plaintiff’s work than defense work, I realized why:

Most plaintiff’s attorneys never took the time to develop a complete checklist of the injury questions to ask their client on the witness stand at the trial.

And, on the other side of the table, most defense attorneys never took the time to develop a complete checklist of the injury questions to ask the plaintiff at the deposition.

That does not have be you! Whether you represent the plaintiff or the defendant, buy these two forms. The Plaintiff’s and Spouse’s Bodily Injury Deposition or Testimony Checklists are complete bodily injuries questions outline checklist forms that save your the hours of drafting time to produce a checklist form.

As in all the Lawyer Trial Forms™ litigation forms, advice, and checklists, we aim to give you the best advice, forms, and checklists, as though you had a senior litigator sitting in your office and giving you the benefit of years of experience.

All The Best,
Leonard H. Bucklin
Leonard Bucklin, Civil Trial Attorney