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“Give your personal injury client this BI injury checklist, and save office interview time — plus — get more information.”

Bodily Injury Client Injuries Checklist is a client's testimony injury checklist form you will refer to again and again — with no time spent by you in asking questions to cover all the areas you should ask about!

Our copyrighted Bodily Injury Client Injuries Checklist is a unique “check the box” client questionnaire form. You’ll give this checklist style questionnaire to your personal injury client. It will:

  • Give you a ready-made checklist form to insert in your trial notebook to list all the client’s bodily injury items.
  • Save you time.
  • Increase communication between you and the client.
  • Get the client ready for his/her deposition, where you want them talking about the full range of their problems.

This BI Client Checklist is a compact one page form with three vital parts:

  • A check the box list of body areas and body/mind problems from personal injuries (something like a doctor’s office uses, but tailored to the Plaintiff BI attorney practitioner);
  • A space for a narrative; (Important – here is where you get the client’s reaction to what is to them the most significant problem from the accident); and
  • A critical question: whether there is a medical history of this sort of problem or difficulty with this part of the body before the accident. (Don’t be the attorney who is caught flat-footed at the trial by a big surprise about your client’s past medical history!)

What if I could hand this BI Client Checklist over the internet – electronically – in PDF format, now, so you can start using it now? If you have a personal injury client coming into your office today to get ready for a deposition next week, buy BI Client Checklist and start getting ready three minutes from now.

And what if this BI Client Checklist would be easy and inexpensive to buy?

Have your receptionist or legal assistant hand this BI Client Checklist to the potential client before you spend any time seeing them. That use in your office will be the first time BI Client Checklist will save you time and give you a better interview.

Then, before the client has his/her deposition taken, hand them a clean new form again to fill out. It gives you a jump start on getting the client ready to testify effectively. When you see the client for pre-deposition or pre-trial conferences, your client will have had the benefit of thinking about injuries and how to tell the other attorney about them. That will be the second time BI Client Checklist will save you time.

So, with each client BI Client Checklist saves you time twice. Multiply that by the number of your clients over the next 10 years!

Remember, only 5% of cases ever get to trial. The other cases in litigation are settled based on the defense information about the extent of injuries. You want to present all the injuries, and this checklist will enable you to do that.

IMPORTANT: Let me recap…

  • BI Client Checklist takes none of your time. It saves you time.
  • BI Client Checklist is an easy to use tool.
  • BI Client Checklist gives you a one page checklist of the client’s injuries and problems, as he/she views them.
  • BI Client Checklist will prevent you from missing an item because the client “did not think it worth mentioning” or “When we talked, I forgot to mention that for a few weeks I had another problem with my back.”
  • BI Client Checklist is a client’s testimony injury checklist you will refer to again and again — with no time spent by you in getting the checklist completed!
  • BI Client Checklist is a very low investment with a high value return.
  • BI Client Checklist tells your clients that you have experience and you have an organized BI practice.

The fact is, just the FEELING of all your future clients that your office is organized and efficient must be worth $19 to you. Consider your small investment a little “client satisfaction builder” for all your clients over the years ahead. That means dividends to you.

ot only will you get a great client tool, and save your time, and get a valuable checklist for your trial notebook for the special marketing price of only $19. You could not even dictate to have a secretary type your own form for that low an investment. BI Client Checklist is a very low investment with a high value return.

All The Best,
Leonard H. Bucklin
Leonard Bucklin, Civil Trial Attorney


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