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Deposition Checklist Form: Defense Attorney's Examination of Plaintiff's Treating Doctor

“…the best basis for planning the defense deposition of the plaintiff's treating doctors.”

Doctor's deposition tomorrow? Get started just minutes from right now!

Dear Fellow Lawyer,

To do a comprehensive adverse examination of a plaintiff’s treating doctor, you need to start with a comprehensive deposition checklist. The LawyerTrialForms’™ form for defense counsel is the best basis for planning the defense deposition of the plaintiff’s treating doctors. This legal form covers more than a dozen different areas you should ask about in the usual deposition of a plaintiff’s doctor. It gets you organized quickly and surely.

Generally the defense gains an advantage in the deposition of a plaintiff’s treating doctor by making the examination, long, detailed, and boring. The long deposition submerges any flashes of good testimony for the plaintiff in a boring mass of detail. The long deposition usually makes the doctor being examined: feel anxious about getting to other promised tasks or duties for the day, believe that the length of time being spent indicates there is much good defense material in the case, and become nervous and uncertain, less likely to give powerful testimony or shade testimony in favor of the doctor’s patient. The long deposition also does the job of turning over every stone to see if something useful to the defense lies there. Long depositions need thoughtful outlines. That is probably why you are exploring this page.

If you are a defense lawyer, here is what our deposition form Defendant’s Deposition of Plaintiff’s Doctor will do for you:

  • Organizes your deposition questions, from opening to closing.
  • Saves you time in preparing your deposition outline.
  • Helps you think through and plan all the various aspects of your medical battleground, so you are sure to hit every important point.
  • Provides you with a time-tested order of questions for best results in most depositions.
  • Gives you a low-cost way to put together your deposition outline questions.
  • Shows you are organized, which keeps the respect of the plaintiff’s counsel. (Do you know how important that is in settlement negotiations?)

You can own Defendant’s Deposition of Plaintiff’s Doctor for the low price of just $33. (That’s much less than the attorney time and secretarial cost of dictating one yourself.)

All The Best,
Leonard H. Bucklin
Leonard Bucklin, Civil Trial Attorney


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