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Premises Liability: this testimony of defendant deposition question outline checklist will cut your preparation time in half — and Make You Better Prepared!

This premises liability question checklist – deposition of defendant – is a 12 page outline checklist of questions and is acclaimed across the country (read reviews below).

As a plaintiff’s attorney, use this to take the deposition of the defendant in a premises liability case — You are better, smarter, quicker prepared.

As a defense attorney, use this to prepare the defendant for the deposition questions — Your client is better, smarter, quicker prepared.

What Premises Liability Defendant Deposition Checklist does:

  • Organizes your deposition questions, from opening to closing.
  • Saves you time in preparing your questions.
  • Gives you a low-cost way to put together your premises deposition questions, efficiently, like seasoned litigators or 30 years or more.
  • Lets you use a familiar format in all your premises cases. You will use this form for any premises liability case: slip and fall, hazardous conditions, fire, et cetera, involved with a charge of negligence in premises design, maintenance, inspection, et cetera. This is a comprehensive, single-spaced,12 pages long, legal checklist of questions.
  • Keeps opposing counsel on the defensive, instead of giving them the initiative, because you have covered all the questions — and more — than they expected.
  • Shows you are organized, which keeps the respect of the court and opposing counsel. (Do you know how important that is, in the settlement negotiations that will come after the depositions?)
  • Lets you go forth to the deposition or trial in the confidence of preparation.
  • Helps you think through and plan all aspects of the deposition, so you are sure to hit every important point.

All across the country, LawyerTrialForms™ are acknowledged to be the best form deposition question outlines!

Not only will you get this acclaimed, superior, set of deposition and trial questions, you’ll get it for the price of only $39.00

“I’ve done a ton of Rule 30 depositions over 18 years of practice, but I needed to prepare for this one fast… When I saw this form I said: ‘Wow, this is really good.’ ….It was comprehensive, and it focused my questions…You’ve got a good business. Thanks.” M. Burke, Massachusetts, 18 years of experience.

“The LawyerTrialForms form is far superior to the forms in the usual printed forms book!” N. Tyra, Maryland.

“I do like the outline, very much” C. Schierer , Illinois, only had 24 hours to prepare.

“I use it for every premises EBT. I like the outline, it makes it easy to do the EBT.” S. Braziller, New York, 20 years of experience

Three big points. This form of LawyerTrialForms™ will:

  • Make you better organized than you ever have been, in half the time.
  • Give you the confidence of knowing that an expert trial attorney has coached you on items to include, so you are not forgetting anything.
  • Premises Liability Deposition Checklist – of Defendant is a very low investment with a high value return.

Premises Liability Deposition Checklist is a simple, easy to follow standard for listing and evaluating the questions you should ask. It is available here at this site. Either a plaintiff or defendant attorney, in any size firm, can use this document in premises litigation.

This is a simple to follow checklist. Before every deposition in a slip and fall case or a construction defect case — you’ll know what you need to ask the defendant. Click here if you want to see a sample of the checklist.

People who buy this PREM003 Premises Deposition of Defendant Checklist are often also interested in our companion PREM006 Premises Deposition of Plaintiff or Fact Witness Checklist. You’ll use #PREM006 as a defense attorney to take the deposition of the plaintiff in a premises liability case.

Our form checklists PREM003 and PREM006 are two sides of the coin in a premises case. PREM003 – the one sold from this page – is primarily for taking the deposition of the defendant. Click this link to go to PREM006 which is primarily for taking the deposition of the plaintiff or of fact witnesses.

You can own Premises Liability Depo Checklist – of Defendant for the low price of just $39.

IMPORTANT: Let me recap…

  • Premises Liability Deposition Checklist will help you organize your slip and fall case or your property construction defect case, depositions from beginning to end.
  • Premises Liability Deposition Checklist prepares you better than you every have been before, in less time.
  • Premises Liability Deposition Checklist will save you time and money.
  • Premises Liability Deposition Checklist is comprehensive, for your benefit; you can check and think about all the bases to cover. It is your best confidence builder.
  • Premises Liability Deposition Checklist has 12 pages of suggested questions, that will keep you laser focused on developing your questions, not fumbling like an amateur.
  • Premises Liability Deposition Checklist is a very low investment with a high value return.

Think about this… when you walk into the deposition, you will feel one of two ways: Prepared or Unprepared. I don’t need to ask you which one is a better feeling.

The fact is, just the FEELING of being prepared for one case alone must be worth $39.

Consider your small investment a little “emotional insurance policy”. When you walk in feeling prepared, the other side will notice.

Dear Fellow Lawyer,

If you’re like me, spending hours of time preparing for a deposition is not your favorite part of being a lawyer.

Don’t get me wrong, I like the actual deposition, but I do not want to spend hours on deposition preparation when I have plenty of other money-generating lawyer work to do. And when the need for the deposition comes up fast, sometimes there is not hours of time available for preparation.

Before I had a set of comprehensive deposition checklists, for all the standard types of cases, I would spend hours getting my notes ready so I could ask all the right questions in a deposition. But — after 35 years of litigation, I had developed wonderful checklists that I could whip out and be half way to final depo or trial question preparation even without lifting another finger. I had no trouble being fully prepared.

The fact is, most attorneys don’t like being fully prepared for a deposition for one simple reason:

They do not want to spend the time.

How would you feel if I could show you a very inexpensive way to be better prepared than you ever have been for a deposition or trial in a premises liability case? What if I could give you a “check the box” plaintiff’s approach to preparing your questions to ask the defendant in a premises liability case? (Or a defense checklist to getting your defense witness prepared to answer questions in a premises liability deposition?)

Better yet, what if I could show you how to do this and save you 30, 40 even 55% of the time it normally takes you to get your deposition questions ready.

While practicing for the last 35 years, in a successful five state litigation practice, I developed and refined a comprehensive set of deposition checklists. They saved me lots of time, and made me more effective for my clients.

Most attorneys have no real system to prepare for a premises deposition. They waste time, and they miss issues and questions they should ask.

But that doesn’t have to be you.

Now, I’m giving you a chance to get the far-reaching Premises Liability Depo Checklist – of Def form that seasoned litigation lawyers and their legal assistants develop after a dozen or more years of taking depositions. In fact, my copyrighted Premises Liability Deposition Checklists are so powerful, even experienced attorneys will wonder how you happened to think of all the lines of questioning you will have at your fingertips.

This proven system is guaranteed to organize your deposition in less time, with more efficiency. And, you’ll be so prepared for your deposition questions, you can focus on the other aspects in developing the case.

This is a mentor in a box, coaching you on the points you should consider in the case and during your examination of the defendant. (Or if you are the defense attorney, telling you the points on which you need to prepare your defendant.)

All The Best,
Leonard H. Bucklin
Leonard Bucklin, Civil Trial Attorney


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