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A defense doctor's direct testimony at trial first should capture the interest of the jurors. Your questions outline should contemplate that objective.

Get a Trial Testimony Questions Outline Checklist built for you as a defense attorney. Built to move the jury's attention to your defense doctor effectively.

  • Save preparation time. Be ready quickly.
  • Prevent mistakes.
  • Know you are presenting your medical doctor in a way to interest the jury!

If you have hired a doctor to examine the plaintiff in a bodily injury case, and now you as the defense attorney are preparing direct examination questions to ask your doctor at the trial, then this Trial Checklist – Defense Direct Examination of Defense Doctor is for you as a checklist in performing the direct examination.

In every bodily injury case of size that gets to trial, you have a defense doctor ready to testify. Our Direct Examination of Defense Doctor Questions Checklist will save you trial preparation time and prevent mistakes of omission.

But this checklist does more that move you quickly in assembling your direct testimony questions. This form is built to present your evidence effectively. This five page checklist of questions starts the direct examination of the doctor with these three simple questions:

  • Dr. [name], I asked you to examine Millie Jones so you could tell us about her injuries, didn’t I?
  • Did you do that?
  • Is such an examination involved within your area of medical expertise?

Now, isn’t that a much more effective way of capturing the attention of the jury than the traditional method of asking for the doctor’s name (right after the court reporter asked for it) and then asking where the doctor went to medical school? As long ago as Cicero, persons who sought to persuade were warned (by Cicero) to first capture the attention of the listeners before attempting to give them information to persuade them. Each time a new witness gets on the stand you must first capture the attention of the judge and jury by telling them what this witness can contribute to solving the questions they must decide.

This Power Litigation™ form gives you the experience of a senior trial attorney as an integral part of the outline of questions for a defense attorney in a bodily injury case to ask the defense doctor at trial.

A good checklist is a lawyer mentor in a box — guiding you and preventing mistakes. Good forms assure that both you and also your witness in a liability lawsuit have thought about the items to be asked at deposition or trial. Peace of mind is an important reason for preparing trial questions by starting with a form.

Here is more great news — Trial Checklist – Defense Direct Examination of Defense Doctor is furnished to you, in PDF format, right to your computer, immediately. If you are doing the deposition of an adverse driver this afternoon, buy Trial Checklist – Defense Direct Examination of Defense Doctor and start getting ready three minutes from now.

Not only will you get a great deposition testimony preparation tool, saving you lots of time over the year ahead, you’ll get it for the pricing of only $29.

The fact is, just the FEELING of doing what you wanted to do in the deposition must be worth $29. Consider your small investment a little “emotional insurance policy” against a dissatisfied defense client.

You have everything to gain and nothing to lose.

This is your invitation to become a part of the Power Litigator™ defense attorneys who take advantage of this power litigation tool.

All The Best,
Leonard H. Bucklin
Leonard Bucklin, Civil Trial Attorney


SKU: MED3426 Category: