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Use the best checklist form to guide you

If the words “conference with adverse attorney regarding ESI” fill you with dread or loathing, you need the 18 pages of this article and form, both to learn what you need to know, and also to be your agenda at that conference.

You will save yourself time, plus present yourself as having knowledge and mastery of your case.

Electronic Discovery Meet and Confer Report gives you an eight page concise discussion of law and tactics regarding ESI, a court requirement for an ESI conference, and what you should do in that conference; and a ten page checklist.

Electronic Discovery Meet and Confer Report will:

  • Guide you in discussions with your own client about the electronically stored evidence your own client has, and its availability to discovery, before you meet with the adverse attorney.
  • Be your own checklist on what you need to know to prepare yourself for the conference with your adversary’s attorney;
  • Suggest decisions to make with the adverse attorney on ways to handle ESI (including an agreement which can narrow your obligation to preserve some ESI)
  • Move the mandated meeting of attorneys over multiple topics — with you in charge, by giving everyone your check-the-box agenda for discussion.
  • Be your required report to the court. (The attorneys check off items, interline or add items, and sign it to create a required report to the court.)

In short, Electronic Discovery Meet and Confer Report is a quintuple use form. Our Electronic Discovery Meet and Confer Report is a versatile form. It’s a small investment with a high return.

Federal Civil Rules16 and 26 (and similar rules in state courts) require attorneys to discuss— and report to the court — on ESI topics. With California’s adoption of such a rule in 2009, the trend of state rules is clear. Moreover, there is an accelerating emphasis in federal and state court judge training schools on ESI, so that even without a rule on the subject, judges expect counsel to discuss and report regarding ESI in meaningful ways.

AGENDA. RECORD OF AGREEMENT. Electronic Discovery Meet and Confer Report is a solid ten (10) page checklist outline which becomes the agenda for discussion (you become the one who sets the agenda). Electronic Discovery Meet and Confer Report is the device you use to immediately record the decisions of you and adverse counsel. It solves the problem of adverse counsel who renege the next day on their oral agreement with you. #ELEC3322 Electronic Discovery Meet and Confer Report can be signed on the spot, before you leave the meeting, to present to the court as your required report. You impress both the court and also the other attorneys by having such a solid discussion agenda and ready report to the court.

TIME SAVER. AGREEMENT PUSHER. Let’s face it. Half the meetings counsel have with each other because a court requires a conference are a waste of time. That’s because both attorneys have no agenda or checklist for what is to be accomplished, and the result is a desultory discussion that wanders around and ends with a loose agreement that accomplishes little for your client. That result of desultory discussion and loose agreement is to no one’s advantage.

Don’t be one of those time-wasters. Arrive with our Electronic Discovery Meet and Confer Report form, which has ten pages of check-the-box answers. Hand a copy to the adverse attorney, and simply go through the checklist, marking your responses. In a few minutes you have made more decisions than you are used to making with adverse counsel, plus you have a report set to go to the court. You get to go back to your office quickly, but still have a useful work product to show for the time spent.

TAKE CHARGE TOOL. At a meeting the person who has printed agenda and starts the discussion by saying they want to cover the agenda points becomes the person in charge. You know that. Gain respect of adverse attorneys by the simple act of passing out the checklist to all at the initial ESI conference. When you bring Electronic Discovery Meet and Confer Report to the conference, the form’s checklist automatically becomes the agenda. The checklist shows you know what the meeting needs to cover, and others will look to you as the leader who knows litigation and knows what the court would like reported to it.

You will use this form in every case, saving yourself time, and making yourself look good to client, adverse counsel, and the court.

We are selling Electronic Discovery Meet and Confer Report for only $19.95.

You cannot dictate your own ten page report to the court that cheaply. This form pays for itself in dictation time saved alone, without even considering the advantages it gives you in the mandated meeting with adverse counsel. Click the “Add To Cart” button to get Electronic Discovery Meet and Confer Report.

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