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You or your legal assistant or secretary will reach for this “Notice to Bring to the Deposition” legal form every time you want to set a deposition of an adverse driver or witness in a motor vehicle accident case.

There are six classes of physical items that you want to see when you are taking the deposition of the adverse driver or witness. Like photos they took. And the diagram they made of the accident scene. So why not have a standard form of notice requiring these six classes of items to be brought to the deposition?

Sure, the other side is supposed to have disclosed the items or given them to you in response to interrogatories or demands for production. But you know what happens many times. Step 1, the witness shows up at the deposition. Step 2, you ask the witness if there are any photos of his car except for the ones on the table in front of him. Step 3, the witness tells you he has a couple more at home he never gave the adverse attorney.

One of the time wasting events in an attorney’s life is the scheduling of depositions with the adverse attorneys, and then finding out that the adverse attorney really does not have or does not know that certain evidence exists.

I have found that a simple form cuts down the time waste and the excuses of the other side. It seems to practically eliminate the problem of your not having at the deposition everything the witness has to refresh his/her recollection of the car accident.

More importantly – it practically eliminates your forgetting to ask for the existence of certain items that can help or hurt you. You use the form as a short checklist of some items to ask for at every motor vehicle accident driver and adverse witness deposition.

This Notice to Bring to the Deposition is so inexpensive that if it saves you ten minutes of time — ever — it would have paid for itself. But where you will really praise yourself for using this form is the first time it gets you pay dirt that allows a really good deposition of the witness, using the witness’s own photos or diagrams.

And you have nothing to lose. We give you a 100% money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied that this was worth the small price, just ask for your money back. You keep our product and you get your money back. (We trust lawyers to tell the truth if they are happy with our product.)

You can own Notice to Bring to the Deposition for the price of only $7.50. It’s one of those inexpensive, but handy and always used, items that make life easier.

Upon ordering, you’ll get instant access to your Notice to Bring to the Deposition. You can get started in just minutes for that notice you want to send out today. We deliver Notice to Bring to the Deposition to you right now, in PDF format for you to open and copy and use on your computer immediately!


SKU: MVA310403 Category: