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“Get an edge in legal case negotiations with a power settlement offer.”

The SettlementNow™ Settlement Offer Format — a quick format for a multi-page tab-indexed offer to settle legal negotiations in a money damages case.

Impact! Your offer will be prepared quickly, yet power-packed and psychologically designed to move the reader to reach the conclusion you want.

This is a mentor in a box, giving you:

  • points you should make in a written settlement offer, that make the other side get drawn into evaluating the case your way,
  • ten (10) sequenced sections, ending with “Jury View”. These give you the order (that’s important) in which you should present those points, and critical wording (that’s important) in presenting those points,
  • where and how to use photos in the offer,
  • and the finishing touches that make the other side sit up and take a new look at the case.

This system is so powerful we call it the SettlementNow™ tool.

SettlementNow™ is a format and a system — a copyrighted multi-page tab-indexed letter format that produces a powerful settlement offer. Successful settlers use this technique. We have polished this technique into a teaching tool and office form for your and your legal assistant. This system teaches you, with a paint by numbers simplicity, a psychologically sequenced set of pages and information to use to present a power settlement offer to your adversary.

SettlementNow™ can be used in any case from $5,000 to $500,000, by either plaintiff or defendant attorney. Whichever side makes the initial psychologically designed opening statement of what the case is worth will cause the ultimate settlement to move toward the opening offer! A reasoned, fact- based, evaluation is not by itself going to do that. To achieve that effect, that opening must do more; you must put those facts forward with impact, in psychologically proper order, to have them accepted. The SettlementNow™ format is a designed format. It is not simply a group of items. You must use the format in the order of the SettlementNow™ format. Don’t fiddle with the order of the presentation, and don’t leave out part of the suggested information and pages in the format (unless you have a degree in psychology).

Interestingly, while teaching lawyers to negotiate with this system producing their first offer in the case, I found that most experienced negotiator – lawyers instantly recognized this was a wonderful tool for their armory.

But, on the other hand, lawyers who never had engaged in negotiations sometimes reacted that the system’s step-by-step instructions and wording were “too simple.” (“Why should I follow a step by step format instead of just writing an offer myself?”).

My guess was that inexperience in the negotiating field translated into inability to see the design’s psychological (not legal) features that lead your adversary to your offer as “simple and reasonable.”

You have no idea how powerful you are until you unleash your true negotiating power! Using this LawyerSettlementForms™ tool with the confidence this copyrighted system provides you.

This is a designed system, a teaching and organizational tool available for only $25.90.

A substantial amount of research shows the phenomenon known as “anchoring” occurs during settlement negotiations about money amounts. Whichever side makes an opening offer of monetary value — in a way that appears completely rational and motivated to reach a rational decision — causes the ultimate settlement to move toward that opening offer! You can achieve “anchoring” by using the SettlementNow™ format.

Then, SettlementNow™ goes on, to use the leverages of visual imagery at the right time and place, and appeals at the right time and place to your opponent’s fear of his/her own client’s reaction after a trial, to move the adverse attorney to advise his client that you have a rational evaluation that a jury may well accept.

Use the SettlementNow™ format for your first offer in the case (no matter on which side you are). You will achieve impact that affects the other side’s evaluation of the case.

There’s more —- this settlement offer system for your office is a tool which allows you to put a power offer on the negotiating table, with little time spent in the mechanics of drafting the pages of the needed psychologically designed offer.

By the time a decision is made by a plaintiff’s attorney to make a settlement offer (or by a defendant’s attorney to make a settlement offer), most of the materials needed for a settlement offer brochure will already be in the file. It is then simply a matter of extracting those materials and using them as building blocks of this multi-page settlement offer format. Using a “paint-by-numbers” approach, this system tells you and your legal assistant what to do to make a power offer.

Dear Fellow Attorney,

Before I had a method for building a power settlement offer, I would put something on paper and then realize that it wasn’t good enough. So I would start over or give up and reach for the phone. All too often I used a phone call or a one page letter with a dollar figure to talk settlement.

But — after 35 years of litigation, I had developed a wonderful settlement offer system that I could pull out and be half way to a solid written offer or response in negotiations. The offers I made using this system had no trouble getting the attention and respect of the attorney on the other side, no matter how experienced he/she was.

I used this system for all the standard types of personal injury and business dispute cases. I used it for both the plaintiff and the defendant side of any case. It works!

I then taught this system to other attorneys over the years, and it worked for them too. They all found out that, generally, a written and psychologically formatted initial settlement offer gets you further than any oral offer when you start negotiating. In 90% of the cases, it is the best way to start serious negotiations.

The fact is, most attorneys don’t make good initial offers in settlement negotiations, no matter which side they are on, and no matter how long they have been a lawyer. Their offers lack punch and power. They set the wrong tone for getting what they want. You know it too: most attorneys don’t make good initial offers in legal negotiations. There is one simple reason:

Most lawyers do not have a system.

How would you feel if I could show you a very inexpensive way to write a better initial settlement offer for lawsuit negotiations? What if I could give you a “paint by numbers” to preparing a settlement offer in your bodily injury or commercial liability cases?
Better yet, what if I could show you how to do this and save you 20, 30 or 40% of the time it normally takes you to write a 10 to 15 page settlement offer that looks impressive because it is impressive?

Now, you have the chance to get the far-reaching type of Initial Settlement Offer Format that seasoned litigation lawyers and their legal assistants only develop after a dozen or more years of negotiating settlements of cases.

All The Best,
Leonard H. Bucklin
Leonard Bucklin, Civil Trial Attorney

P.S. TIME. If SettlementNow™ saves you just one hour of time – ever – it will have paid for itself. Attorneys who are using my system right now are saving valuable hours in drafting settlement offers.

P.P.S. RESULTS. If SettlementNow™ changes the negotiated settlement of a case just $100 your way – ever – it will have paid for itself.

P.P.P.S. START NOW. Get started just minutes from right now! We deliver electronically as the last part of the automated purchase process. After you complete your on-line purchase and your credit card is verified, you will receive an email confirmation with your link to click and download.


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