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When you schedule a video deposition you want it to be a quality product you can show at trial. So first, you need to do is hire a good videographer. Second, you need to give that videographer instructions for what you want in the “movie”. For example, you need to maximize your demonstrative exhibits or photographs by having the videodepo show them in close-up on tape. Another example, you need to minimize the camera showing any need to minimize nervous hand gestures of your witness.

To do these things, and more, you need to instruct the videographer. You need the benefits of having the legal form Instructions for Videotaping Deposition.

Instructions for Videotaping Deposition should always be sent, in advance, to the person who is going to be doing the actual videotaping of the deposition you have scheduled. Do not simply give Instructions for Videotaping Deposition to the court reporter. Do not rely on the fact that the videographer is the same one that you used before. Send a new Instructions for Videotaping Deposition every new set of depositions you take.

Although the price is only a few dollars, you get a 100% money back guarantee. If you are not delighted, you get your money back. You have nothing to lose.

Three big points:

  • The Instructions for Videotaping Deposition saves you time. Pull the form up on your computer. Time saved, for you to make money with your saved time!
  • The Instructions for Videotaping Deposition will give you the confidence of knowing that the video deposition tape pictures will look good, because you have given instructions to the videographer.
  • The Instructions for Videotaping Deposition is a very low investment with a high value return.

You can own Instructions for Videotaping Deposition for the price of only $13.90.

Dear Fellow Attorney,

While practicing for the last 35 years, in a successful five state litigation practice, I developed and refined a comprehensive set of litigation forms. They saved me lots of time, and made me more effective for my clients.

Good litigation forms make you more effective in the handling of litigation. You get results in the litigation! That is the benefit of using a LawyerTrialForms™ copyrighted form. You get results!

Most attorneys have no real system of developed forms. They waste time, and they miss issues and questions they should ask.

But that doesn’t have to be you.

Just think. For a few dollars you get a well drafted request for the items you need, and a form you can use over and over, case after case. This is certainly a good investment.

All The Best,
Leonard H. Bucklin
Leonard Bucklin, Civil Trial Attorney

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